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Current Additional Stave Options

  • 2 Year Air Seasoned (Limited)

  • Grooved Staves (Limited)

  • Standard (Available)

ZAK Cooperage 

Staves & Heading

ZAK Cooperage is able to maintain the quality of our barrels by cutting and selecting staves and heading. We begin by acquiring the finest white oak logs our region has to offer. The logs are processed through our on-site stave mill to manufacture staves and heading. The material is air-dried and seasoned on our property in preparation for assembly. The white oak pieces are kiln dried to bring the material to the desired moisture content.


Our 53 gallon bourbon barrels are constructed in Kentucky using custom-built machinery along with traditional cooperage techniques. We raise our barrels with aged, dried white oak and flame char the interior so that our client's spirits can acquire the desired character throughout the maturation process. Hoops and heads are driven into place to create a water-tight seal. Before the barrels are loaded for shipment, we pressure test the barrel and perform a final inspection to ensure that they are ready to be filled at your distillery. Our cooperage is interested in supplying your distillery barrels.


American White oak Bourbon barrels